Brunch Restaurant “Milkweed table + market” Coming to Wildwoods Bonelli Market Building! Also Pitman NJ!

“Milkweed table + market” will be opening at Wildwood’s famous Bonelli’s Market building .  Milkweed table + market is a brunch restaurant offering farm-to-table freshness!  This is more exciting news for Wildwood’s Pacific Ave, as we also posted about the exciting new housing and retail project a few blocks up on Pacific. 

Pacific Ave Retail and Seasonal Worker Housing project APPROVED! Developer Confirms Seasonal Only, Buying Parking Lot

The “Residences at Pacific” project on Pacific Ave Wildwood was approved in a late Planning Board session last night. It is a new building which will include first floor retail, and three floors of “student” housing for summer workers, as well as a swimming pool. The developer clarified it is summer season only (“We are winterizing”), and they have additional parking space under contract. We have a long write-up of what we remember about the session, from the PRO comments of the developer and board members, and the CON comments from area homeowners. Only at Wild Over The WIldwoods. Have you liked our page yet?