Wildwood Boardwalk New Hotel and Stores Proposed! Same Owners as the Newer Waves Hotel

More exciting news for Wildwood, as a NEW 30 UNIT BOARDWALK HOTEL including Five New Boardwalk Store spaces is being proposed! They owners are the developers of Wildwood’s most recent new hotel, The Waves! The project is being presented at Wildwood’s November 2nd Planning Board Meeting.

This is breaking news so we are not clear yet on timing of this project. It needs to be approved first!

Oh and the location… yes they are taking down an old rundown building to develop this project, so this will obviously be an upgrade!

The address is listed as 4208-4218 Boardwalk, which is the corner of Baker Ave. At that corner is the Grandview Gift Shop, which is the first prominent business name of the project.

Boardwalk property lines can get confusing, so we went to the County Tax maps and overlaid it onto Google Maps, and it appears the referenced Block/Lot extends down for several stores… including the small ice cream shop, arcade, and it seems to include the White Dolphin Restaurant!

Now we haven’t seen the site plans for the new development… I think we can assume the Grandview Gift corner is coming down, and would assume they take down the White Dolphin building also… but we may have to wait for the presentation to know for sure!

As you can see in our overlay image below, the property also extends back to Ocean Ave which should offer direct access (Parking?) for hotel guests.

If you notice in our depiction below there is a large property on the corner of Baker and Ocean. That is the Monaco Hotel, and guess what.. the Wave owners (and developers of this Boardwalk project) also now own The Monaco! To be very clear… everything we see from the official notices show us the Monaco is NOT part of this redevelopment, and should be staying just as it is.


So yes, currently the core building is in disrepair. You can see in the image that we took about a week ago, the Baker Ave side of the building is decaying. On the other side they seemed have tried to do some repairs to a deck overlooking the boardwalk, but that is a mess also.

The new project will be a NEW building to take away all of that mess, and reconstruct a new hotel and 5 stores! This should really be an upgrade for the well loved, but aging Wildwood Boardwalk.

I follow along on most of the Wildwood Facebook groups and the state of the Boardwalk and shops is an ongoing complaint… and a project like this instantly improves the area, and hopefully inspires other building owners to also upgrade.

The Planning Board meeting is scheduled for:
November 2, 2020 at 6:00 p.m.,
Wildwood City Hall
4400 New Jersey Avenue
Wildwood, Cape May County, New Jersey

HM Hospitality Group

Last summer the Cape Islands Realty Facebook page made the announcement of the property purchase, which included the Monaco Hotel, Grandview building, and Boardwalk stores. We pieced together the full property scope as presented above… well again to be clear, the also own the Monaco Hotel on that corner (which is not highlighted in our overhead image) but the Monaco is not included in this development.

The HM Hospitality Group also developed Wildwood’s Wave’s Hotel, which opened in the 2019 season.


Adventure Pier Upgrades Also Planned

This southern end of the Wildwood Boardwalk is getting additional attention from the Morey’s Organization, who plan significant improvements to the nearby Adventure Pier.

According to a post over at Wildwood Video Archive, the Morey Organization are planning a full redevelopment of the front of Adventure Pier to include a food hall and alcoholic drinks. This will mean taking down the Kohr’s Brothers Building, removing the large water shooting game and a few other kiosks. Joey at Wildwood Video Archive says Kohr’s Brothers is staying, and will become part of the new food hall which will be developed with storage containers. Well, to read more on that project, check out his post from early June!

This is Breaking News… so at this time we do not have a timeline for the project! BUT WE WILL DEFINITELY HAVE MORE INFORMATION as we get it!


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