Morey’s Piers End of Season Schedule. Last Ride Day is Sept 27th. Curley’s Surfside Last French Fry is Sept 27!

As we sadly get closer to the end of the summer Wildwood season, the question always comes up on Social Media “When do the piers close? When does the boardwalk close?”… and with the presumably lighter crowds of COVID, it adds just a little more doubt to what will be open after Labor Day. Well the last ride for 2020 will be Sunday Sept 20th. But it gets a little more complicated than that as things wind down on different speeds, and you can still get Curley’s Fries on September 27th!

Large Pacific Ave Wildwood Development Proposed. 78 Residential Units, New Retail, Pool Club with Bar!

On Monday August 3rd, developers will be presenting to the Wildwood Planning Board, their plans to develop a prominent block of Pacific Avenue with all new development. The project will be a 4 story building, with retail and residential units… and a pool in the back with bar, identified as “club area” Memorable icons will be demolished to make room for the project.

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